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How TATLI Works

TATLI works through a multi-disciplinary and holistic approach applying the UN “Four P’s” Strategy to combat trafficking in persons.



TATLI conduct trainings to human trafficking stakeholders at all level such as to the Judge, Magistrates, Prosecutors, Police, Immigration officers, Lawyers, Paralegals, Human Trafficking Monitors and the Politicians/ Members of Parliaments, Human Trafficking Committee Members just to mention a few. TATLI works with schools human trafficking clubs and other youth and use its experience to impart knowledge on fighting human trafficking at national and global level, raising awareness on different forms of human trafficking. Community engagement to raise awareness to the general public on the effects of human trafficking to the community through participation in public forums, workshops, market places, bus stations, hospitals and other public places.




Adv Godfrey Mpandikizi

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Iam delighted to the Vision and Mission of TATLI to save Women, children and other human trafficked who are in need of protection, prevention and prosecution of human trafficking perpetrators and combating human trafficking in general.

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TATLI forms a large basis for advocacy and lobbying, Legal aid and legal assistance for trafficked survivors, strategic litigation, Data Driven Research and Publications.