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Tanzania Anti-Human Trafficking and Legal Initiatives (TATLI)

Is a Non-Governmental Organization registered under the NGO Act, 2002 to operate at National Level to fight, deal and combat human trafficking in Tanzania, its main office is based in Dar es salaam dedicated to fighting human trafficking. Tanzania Anti- Human Trafficking and Legal Initiatives founded and registered 2022 under the Non-Governmental Organization Act, 2002 as amended in 2005 after witnessed the plight of violence and threats of trafficked survivor’s rights which are not yet recognized and protected in our country; but which are recognized, promoted and protected by international instruments. TATLI forms a large basis for advocacy and lobbying, Legal aid and legal assistance for trafficked survivors, strategic litigation, Data Driven Research and Publications. The type of activities undertaken by the organization range from capacity building to service delivery, with focus remaining on defending and promoting for the rights of the trafficked survivors in the society using a human rights based approach. TATLI as NGO we have our prime focus of providing legal aid and legal assistance, Protection support of human trafficked survivors who are at risks and threats, capacity building and, monitoring and documenting all incidences and cases of human trafficking in the country.

Membership Affiliation
  • TATLI is a member of Tanzania Human Rights Defenders Coalition (THRDC)
  • TATLI is a member of Tanzania Network for Human Trafficknig Organization (TANAHUT)
  • TATLI is a member of

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Tanzanian Anti- Human Trafficking and Legal Initiatives envisions a society where equity and equality for Trafficking survivors are upheld

i) To promote the accessibility of the provision of legal aid and assistance to the Trafficking survivors ii) To advocate peripheral researches that enlighten on the systems failures and shortcoming that allows Trafficking iii) To advocate for friendly laws, regulations and policies in combating human Trafficking iv) To promote and raise awareness to end human Trafficking

To bring about legal and social transformation by improving the legal systems, social protection and justice of the trafficking survivors in the society, bridge the disparities between the legal systems and trafficking survivors in society and ensure the trafficked survivors get their legal redress